Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy and Audrey Update

Angela and Audrey are doing great. Audrey has been progressing very well and has not had any problems breast feeding. In fact, she has been feeding every two hours for approx. 15-20 minutes each feeding.

Angela has also been doing great. She has started receiving pain medicine for the soreness around the incision area but has been able to start eating and drinking, as well as take a shower and walk the halls to stretch.

We have been very blessed throughout this entire process and God has truely answered all my prayers. I give Him glory for it all, and pray that He continue to protect Angela and Audrey, giving them strength and good health. Please continue to pray for our "little" family (I'm the exception/large one) :) , we can not thanks everyone enough for all the help that has been provided and the love that has been bestowed upon us. THANK YOU!!!!!

Here are a few more pics......


  1. Congratulations again!! I'm so happy that Audrey arrived safe and sound and that mommy stayed safe too. You both look amazing holding your little girl, I'm sure it is an awesome feeling being parents. Enjoy your little girl! ...and let us know when we can come visit after Angela is feeling better! -Lesley & Micheal

  2. Congratulations to the Kelly Family of 3. Audrey is beautiful. I know you are so happy to finally have her in your arms.
    Take care and enjoy this special gift.
    Margarette, Michael and Justin Baumbach

  3. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing your little miracle with me. Audrey is adorable and so cuddley. We love you guys and will to continue to pray for wisdom (as new parents), health and safety for miss priss and overwhelming joy and love from all those who surround you. xoxo- Travis and Kay